How much does it cost to get a dent fixed?

The price of getting a dent fixed is dependent upon the following main factors: size, depth, location, access, and metal type. We review your dent so that we can provide you with a fair price that’s matched for your specific dent(s). 

How long does it take to fix a dent?

On average, most dents can be removed anywhere from 15 mins up to 4 hours. The various factors associated with a dent will ultimately determine how long it takes. We provide an estimated time of repair upon assessment of your dent. 

If I have multiple dents that I want removed, how does the pricing work?

We offer a multiple dent discount if you have multiple dents that you want to have removed during a single visit on the same car. The highest costing dent will be charged at full price, and then each additional dent afterwards will be discounted based on their size, location, depth, and access.

Will the dent come back after it’s been removed?

Nope! Once a dent has been repaired properly with PDR, you don’t have to worry about it ever coming back.

Will you have to take apart things on my vehicle in order to perform the repair?

We operate on the principle of being as least invasive as possible to your vehicle when performing our work, and keeping any disturbances at a minimum. There are times when we may need to temporarily remove or shift certain items in order to gain access to the dent. 

Can any dent be fixed with PDR?

While most dents can be repaired with PDR, there are some that cannot. Dents that are extreme in depth, have damaged or cracked paint, or have a tear or twist in them aren’t likely to be able to be repaired with PDR. In such cases, a body shop will be needed. We will always discuss with you any potential risk, concerns, or why your dent may or may not be a good candidate for PDR.

Are y’all a mobile service?

Yes! We will gladly come to your home or work to remove your dent. We serve all areas in the Austin, TX Metro, as well as some surrounding areas. You can text or call us at 512-807-0944, or email us at